It’s been a long few years.

I started putting these pages together at the beginning of 2017, since I’ve been gathering scraps and pieces of creative work for a little while now but been lacking a public space for them.

I tend to fret about showing things I’ve made to other folks, but recently having the things I’m working on be a little more visible, even if it’s not a particularly public stage, is starting to come a little more naturally. It makes those things feel more concrete, easier to keep track of. This is a welcome change.

In any case, this space can grow into whatever it needs to be. We’ll see where it goes.

Alternatively, you might be reading this as the lone piece of content on this domain, years later. (oops)

Anyway, there’s a page up for an older project, and I’ll be documenting a few more as I go.

See you out there.