I can be found in a number of overlapping places:

  • Email: Address is firstname @ this domain. I generally respond within a day or two unless I’m away from computers.
  • IRC: Usually reaches me pretty quick, I’m cwill on freenode.
  • Phone: SMS or phone calls are a good way to get ahold of me if it’s urgent. I’m on Signal as well. If this is relevant to you, you probably already have my number.
  • Social media: I’ve been trying to distance myself a bit from the larger ones recently. That said, I’m on The Bird Website and The Face Book–I keep these somewhat private, but I’m happy to talk through either if you prefer them.
  • Snail mail: Physical correspondence is rad, trade me addresses through one of the methods above if you’d like to send/receive letters, drawings, photos, stickers, zines, comics, mixed-media collages, found objects, leaves, patches, art, crafts, floppy or compact disks, mixtapes, scraps, fingernail clippings, cremains, baked goods, instruction manuals, notebooks, unwanted trash, wanted trash, feelings, words, symbols, games, images, thoughts, or anything that can be legally shipped to a residential mailbox.